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(Note: Until I get the start/stop automatically done, you need to stop the playing video before starting the next)

 Show info  Killing the Blues (Rowland Jon Salley) - Instrumental version by me & my dear friend Harry Leushuis.

 Show info  "Sliding" più piano - by "De Sinjoors van Zutfen"
(Ellio Martina & Harry Leushuis)
Parla più piano (Gianni Boncompagni & Nino Rota)
a.k.a. The Godfather Theme.

 Show info  "Swimming In A Dusty Pool" written by me and my friend  Harry Leushuis, also performing as:
"De Sinjoors van Zutfen"
We had a conversation about the possible closing of the public  community swimming pool that Harry visited weekly  From there, our conversation went back in time to the old beautiful  swimming pools that have been closed or are about to close.
Then it was time to check the new piezo pickup I built into Harry's Martin  and we started improvising in our conversation's swimming mood  based on the chords Harry played......

 Show info  Harmony Girl, written by Jos van Doorn/Steelhead.
Played at 't Nut in Warnsveld NL - 19 december 2014.
Steelhead, is a trio of long time best friends:
Jos van Doorn - vocals, guitar, mandolin.
Richard Pawlot - guitars, vocals.
Ellio Martina - pedal steel, guitar, bass, vocals.
Video by Harry Leushuis
Sound by Imre Lohmann

 Show info  "Secret Movements" I and II
Two original improvised compositions for Pedal Steel Guitar  and Guitar by Ellio Martina & Harry Leushuis
**** Video by: Sweet Revenge Production 2015 ****
Created&recorded during our "friday afternoon sessions"  on Aug. 28 (I) and Sep. 4 (II) 2015

 Show info  Blue Jade - classic pedal steel guitar instrumental  by Buddy Emmons (Jan. 27, 1937 - Jul. 21, 2015)  the world's foremost pedal steel guitarist.